From package goods to palet lots we offer a full range of chemicals and specialty products.


Pool Tablets

Used for the sanitation of pool water through either a floater or automatic feeder.

Low Residue Granular

A granular chlorine used for the sanitation of a pool on a daily basis.

Liquid Pool Chlorine

Liquid Pool Chlorine or sodium Hypochlorite is used for sanitising pool water on a daily basis.

Stabilised Chlorine

Stabilised sanitising or shock option compatible with all sanitation systems.

Stablised Pool Sticks

Release a controlled flow of chlorine through either skimmer feed, floater or automatic feeder.

Multi-Tab Floater

Multi-function blend for the weekly sanitation, prevention of algae and water clarifier.

OSPA Lithium

Perfect for spa treatment as an everyday sanitiser or a shock treatment.

 OSPA Bromine

Used for sanitation of spas and indoor pools.


Powercide 4

Used in removal, clean up and prevention of algae and winterising. 

Algicide Concentrate

Complex formulation for the destruction and control of algae. 

Granular Blackspot

Granular treatment designed to clear up even the worst case of blackspot algae. 


Used for algea treatment against black algae green & brown varieties.



Quick Floc

The fastest way to drop small debris particles to the pool floor so it can be vacuumed to waste. 

Water Polish Plus

A concentrated formula that combines particulates together that can be filtered. 

Pool Sparklers

Amazing pink cube that ensures crystal clear sparkling water.

Pool Floc

Drops unfilterable matter to pool floor for vacuming to waste.


One "shot" super strength pool water clarifier.


Powerful single dose clarifier

OSPA Waterpolish

A concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media.



Cal Plus

Prevents the etching of concrete surfaces, wrinkling of liners, breakdown of fibreglass and prevents equipment corrosion. 

pH buffer

Raises Total Alkalinity to prevent pH bounce, corrosion and staining. 

pH Increaser

Maintains pH to prevent wrinkling of liners, etching of surfaces and eye irritation. 


Used to prevent the loss of chlorine to UV rays from sunlight.

Dry Acid

Used for the reduction of Total Alkalinity and pH in pools and spas

Hydrochloric Acid

Used to reduce Total Alkalinity and pH in pools and spas.


One shot PH decreaser


Used for raising pH of spa water.

OSPA pH Down

Perfect for the reduction of pH in a gradual and effective manner.

OSPA Hardness Increaser

Used for increasing calcium hardness levels in spa water.



Tile and Vinyl Cleaner

Cleans scum lines and grime build up from pools and spas. 

Filter Cleaner

Removes oils, scum and dirt build up in pipes and equipment. 


Fast and powerful salt cell cleaner.


Oxidiser  Shock'N'Clear

Used to remove swimmer wastes and destroy any organic contaminents in the water. 

OSPA Oxyshock

Perfect as a daily sanitiser in spas.



Lowers excessive calcium levels from pool water. 


Used for the elimination of phosphate from pool water.


Used for removing rust stains or calcium deposits from pool surfaces 

Aquashield 3

Removing existing scale, ensures calcium remains in solution and keeps build-up on salt chlorinators soft.

OSPA Anti-foam

Used for elimination of detergent in spas.

OSPA Serenity

OSPA EziBalance

Ezi Balance is a specially formulated chemical for buffering the pH of a spa.